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  • Scope/Applicability is a comparison portal operated by Tsheck GmbH in Switzerland, covering various industries. The contract is concluded directly between the customer and the provider. is responsible for the mediation and provides advice to the customer. In case of issues between the contracting parties, is happy to assist in a mediation role. The execution of the order is carried out according to the booked conditions. The completed online request by the customer is an integral part of the agreement.

However, the payment transactions on behalf of the contracting parties will be conducted through to ensure accuracy and fairness.

In case of violations of the general terms and conditions, reserves the right to suspend or delete the account at any time and without prior notice.

By using the website and the services, the customer or the provider automatically agrees to the general terms and conditions.

During registration, our customers accept our general terms and conditions by ticking a checkbox. is entitled to modify the general terms and conditions at any time.

Regardless of the translations of these general terms and conditions, this German version is legally binding.

The customer is not obligated to accept an offer. The customer incurs no costs by making inquiries through our portal and receiving offers. The customer decides whether to accept an offer or not.

If the customer accepts an offer from a provider, it is binding according to the request details and offer.

Upon acceptance, informs the provider and provides the customer's contact information.

After completing the order, the provider is obligated to pay a commission to The use of is free of charge for the customer. shall not be responsible or liable for any kind of losses or damages incurred by the customer in connection with the general terms and conditions, as well as the contracts concluded between the customer and the provider, or for omissions, actions, or errors of the providers

  • General Assumption of Transport

Every order assumes that it can be carried out under normal conditions; main traffic roads as well as the roads and paths to the houses where loading and unloading take place must be accessible for the transport vehicles. For front gardens and similar areas, normal access conditions are considered to be a maximum distance of 15m between the vehicle and the entrance of the house. Corridors, stairs, etc. should enable a smooth transport. Furthermore, it is assumed that the regulatory provisions allow for the execution in the intended manner.

In all other cases, the moving price will be increased according to the additional expenses incurred.

  • Change of Appointment/Cancellations

Appointments can only be changed with the consent of the provider and the customer and must be confirmed in writing or by email to the contractual partner and The customer has the right to cancel the order 14 days in advance if the contract was concluded at least 15 days before the moving date.

After this deadline, the providers are entitled to claim the following compensation:

If the contract is canceled within less than 15 days up to 48 hours before the move: 30% of the agreed amount according to the contract.

If the contract is canceled within 48 hours before the appointment: 50% of the agreed amount according to the contract.

  • Defects/Damages

The customer must check the correct execution of the order for defects after completion. The customer signs an acceptance protocol. If defects that are not immediately recognizable are discovered, the customer can report this in writing with photos to the provider and zebralo as information within 3 days (starting from the date of the order). After these deadlines, no further claims can be considered.

However, a solution must be directly agreed upon with the provider. Zebralo only assists in case of difficulties but does not assume any responsibility or liability for defects or damages.

If another service provider has worked at the location of the order within this period, the right to rectify defects is forfeited.

  • Duties/Additional Expenses

The customer undertakes to provide comprehensive and accurate information about the order.

If the provided information significantly differs from the actual effort required, and the service provider incurs additional expenses to complete the order, the service provider can exercise the following rights:

Carry out the order according to the contract, excluding the additional expenses.

Charge the customer for the additional expenses. This must be confirmed by both parties in writing using a form.

If the two parties do not reach an agreement, the cancellation terms apply (see above).

The customer should ensure or organize sufficient parking spaces for the service providers.

In case of unforeseen incidents such as weather fluctuations or technical disruptions, the costs for the additional working time will be divided equally between the customer and the service provider (50% each).


The customer can either pay in cash on-site to the service provider or pay by Twint, invoice, or credit card directly during the online booking. For cash payment during the move, the transport price is due before unloading. For end-of-tenancy cleaning, payment is due at the latest upon handing over the apartment.

Credit Card: The offered total amount will be charged to your credit card by the payment service provider contracted by Tsheck GmbH during the online booking.

Advance Payment: The agreed total amount is to be deposited in advance into the post account of Tsheck GmbH.

Invoice Payment: Payment by invoice is offered through the payment service provider contracted by Tsheck GmbH. When purchasing on invoice, the payment service provider assumes the resulting invoice claim. You will receive the invoice free of charge via email.

By concluding the contract.

  • End-of-Tenancy Cleaning with Acceptance Guarantee

If the customer has booked an end-of-tenancy cleaning service with an acceptance guarantee from a provider, the provider commits to being present during the final inspection. The appointment for the inspection must be communicated to the provider at least 7 days in advance; otherwise, the obligation to be present at the handover of the apartment expires. The handover date must take place within 3 days after the end-of-tenancy cleaning. The acceptance guarantee only applies to the work performed by our partner companies. The provider does not assume any guarantee for work carried out by third parties in the apartment.

If a re-cleaning needs to be done due to the provider's fault, the customer may offset the associated costs against the provider.

  • Liability of the Provider

The provider is only liable for damages resulting from intentional acts or gross negligence. However, this liability only applies if the provider fails to prove that they have exercised all due care required under the circumstances to prevent such damages or that the damages would have occurred even with the exercise of such care. In case of damages caused by intent or gross negligence, the liability is limited to the respective current value of the goods.

If damages or losses occur due to the customer's fault, instructions given by the customer, or causes beyond the provider's control, the provider is exempt from liability.

The customer must inform the contractor about fragile or delicate items or label them prominently and clearly. If the customer fails to fulfill this obligation, the provider is exempt from liability.

Disclaimer of Liability: The contractor is released from liability if loss or damage is caused by the customer's fault, instructions given by the customer without the involvement of the contractor, inherent defects of the goods being moved, or circumstances beyond the control of the contractor.

The contractor is exempt from liability in case of breakage or damage to particularly vulnerable items such as marble, glass and porcelain plates, ornamental frames, chandeliers, lampshades, radios and televisions, computer hardware and software, as well as data loss and other highly sensitive items (plants, animals, etc.), provided that the contractor has applied the usual precautions.

Cash and securities are excluded from liability. The contractor assumes no liability for valuables such as jewelry, documents, art objects, antiques, and collector's items.

The customer is not liable for damages to the goods during loading, unloading, or hoisting if their size or weight does not correspond to the spatial conditions at the place of loading or unloading, and if the contractor has previously informed the customer or recipient about this but the customer insisted on the execution of the service. The customer is also not liable for damages to walls, windows, floors, or stair railings if the size or weight of the transported goods does not correspond to the spatial conditions.

The contractor is not liable for damages to the goods caused by fire, accidents, wars, strikes, force majeure, or damage caused to the transport means by third parties.

If the loading or delivery is delayed due to breakdowns, accidents, weather conditions, or other reasons for which the customer is not at fault, the customer has no claim for compensation.

Without mutual agreement, the customer is not liable for delays caused by the non-timely provision of transport means or non-compliance with regulatory deadlines by other transport companies involved in the transportation. The costs incurred as a result (standby fees, interim storage, etc.) are borne by the customer. The carrier is also not liable for damages and losses that may arise from such circumstances.

  • Liability of is in no way party to the contracts between customers and providers. is not responsible for the actions or omissions of customers or providers. Any liability related to a service or any other matter is excluded by

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  • Customer account registration

In order to receive service offers, you must register with a customer account on our portal. The customer is responsible for their login credentials and passwords. Zebralo shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of the customer's account. Your account can be deleted at any time by contacting zebralo by phone or email.

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