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Checklist for the perfect move


As soon as possible:

  • Lease must be terminated in due time as per requirement, but only when a new one has been concluded.
  • Moving day must be determined and agreed by contractor.
  • Damage and repairs to be reported to the liability insurance company and the administration in due time.
  • Setting up the new apartment: Measure the new apartment (for furniture, carpets and curtains, also check the curtain attachment), arrange delivery dates for the new furniture and, if possible, have them delivered directly to the new address.
  • Check household content and liability insurance and adjust the scope of coverage if necessary.
  • Address changes to be made for contractual partners and organize forwarding orders.

The move, the cleaning and disposal does not need to be organized as our partners offer these services. In case you have only booked part of the service through us and prefer to do the rest privately:

Self move: Hire suitable helpers, book a suitable rental car (especially early if you are moving at a desired date).

Self clean: Hire suitable helpers.

Waste: Clear out the apartment, ancillary rooms, clear out garden; organize removal.

  • Ensure sufficient packaging material.
  •  One of our providers will also be happy to do this for you.
  • Clearing of garden if this obligation is contractually stipulated.
  • School/kindergarten: Inform the old and new school authorities about the planned move, discuss any transition issues.
  • Telephone/Internet: Report the move to your provider.


Just before the move:

  • Register with the residents’ registration office (observe the deadline).
  • Packing: dismantling furniture, our suppliers are happy to do that too.
  •  • Pack boxes and label them according to rooms.
     • Close cupboard doors and empty drawers with adhesive tape.
  • Name tags: order mailbox/bell name tags.
  • Keys: Check that all keys are present.
  • Inform neighbours, caretaker: Use of driveway and lift on the day of the move.
  • Reserve a parking space for the transport vehicle (on public ground: at the police station) at the old and the new place.
  • Handing over the apartment: Discuss the details with the landlord. Inform the transport and cleaning company of any changes.
  • Take over the new apartment: Check the condition of the apartment and fill out the acceptance report.
  • Change standing order for rent.


You must pay attention to this on the day of the move:

  • Last check in the apartment, basement, attic and garage.
  • At the new location install adequate lighting during the day.
  • Delicate floors: If necessary, cover the floors of the new apartment to protect them.
  • Clearly inform movers about fragile, sensitive and dangerous objects.
  • Important utensils:
  • • Tools
    • Pharmacy
    • Toiletries (toilet paper)
    • Flashlight
    • Light bulbs
    • Extension cable
    • Duct tape
    • Cleaning material
    • Trash bags
    • Cash for transport and cleaning company ready.


If you are not present during the move, you should be reachable at all times.


What happens after the move?

  • Residents’ control: Register within the deadline.
  • Meter readings: note down for yourself to be on the safe side (electricity, gas, possibly heating and hot water)..
  • Cleaning: Clean the old apartment yourself or have it cleaned by our providers.
  • Apartment handover: Have the landlord check the apartment and sign the handover report.
  • List of defects: note any defects found in the new apartment and send them to the administration.
  • Name tags: Mount the new name tags and remove the old ones.
  • Rental deposit: ask for the rental deposit of the old apartment back.
  • Relocation damage: Report any damage to us within three days. (If you have carried out the move yourself, report damage to your liability insurance company).
  • Getting to know each other: Personal introductions to the neighbors are always well received and make your start in the new environment easier.