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You still have open questions, here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you still do not have an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Moving/ Cleaning

What costs do I have to expect for my move?

Each move is individual and many factors play a role such as: the floors, does it have a lift, do you want a removal, reassembly, distance between departure and arrival... To be able to offer an exact quote fill out our online request for quotation..

What time does my move or final cleaning start?

After booking online you will be contacted by our partner company by phone or e-mail within 24 hours (except Sundays and public holidays). You can directly arrange your desired start-up time with the company. Usually an order starts at 8:00 a. m.

Can I postpone the move date?

If the move date has been postponed, you must contact the selected company immediately. For postponements shortly before the date of the move, costs may be incurred according to the terms and conditions. Therefore, shifts should, if possible, be at least. 7 days before the appointment. You can also contact Zebralo at any time, we will be happy to help you.

When will the booked company contact me?

After booking you will receive a confirmation email from Zebralo. within 24 hours (except Sundays, public holidays) the chosen company will contact you by phone or e-mail. You can contact the company or us by phone if you have any questions.

Why is my apartment checked by the moving company on the basis of the furniture list first? ?

According to your request, the moving company has calculated the volume, payload & working time and thus calculated a flat price. So that there is no delay is initially controlled that the furniture list agrees with the inventory. Larger deviations can lead to price changes.

I have now more to move than stated, what now?

If it is only individual pieces of furniture, this can be indicated on the basis of the additional expense form on the day of the move and there is an additional expense which can be paid to the company on site in cash. If more comes together, it is advantageous to adapt the furniture list in advance so that the chosen company can adapt the offer and have the right vehicles on site on the day of the move. The payload also has to be recalculated, so that you do not have to drive twice, for example.

What can I offer the moving team for a snack?

First of all, it is important that the moving team is invited. On site, the company decides when to take a short break. The snack is not obligatory but surely they will enjoy a refreshment or a snack. It's up to you.

Does the moving company come for a tour/ inspection beforehand?

In order to make it easier for you to move, please fill in the list in detail at the request. Once you've done that, there's no need for an inspection. Desiring nevertheless that someone comes by is not a problem. You can request a viewing directly through your login or contact us by phone at Zebralo.

Who will reserve the parking spaces for the day of the move?

It is best to make sure that the company can park near the entrance of the house on the day of the move. If this is not possible, it is preferable to put up stop signs in advance. This is regulated by the cantonal authorities, i.e. by the police or the civil engineering office. Prices vary. It is best to get in touch with the booked moving company.

Can I arrange a visit?

Yes, you have the option to invite 1 company via your customer login for a free visit. Any changes will be updated by Zebralo and you will receive new current offers.

Who is my contact person?

From the offer request to your booking, we are there for you. From the time of booking, the selected company will gladly take over the customer service.

How can I edit my request?

The Zebralo team is at your disposal at any time to process your request. You can contact us by phone and we will help you further.

When does the delivery of the final cleaning take place?

The delivery must be agreed in advance by the client with the management/owner and communicated to the chosen company as soon as possible.

Do I have to opt in for an offer at Zebralo?

No, the enquiry up to the offers is free of charge and without obligation. Only with a booking is a binding contract for the order created.

Do I have to pay cash on the day of the move?

You have the choice between different payment options when booking online.

Can I cancel my booking? What are the costs?

An acceptance report is completed after each order. The damage must be documented in writing. Later discovered defects must be reported in writing within 3 days.

I have to report a damage, what do I do?

An acceptance report is completed after each order. The damage must be documented in writing. Later discovered defects must be reported in writing within 3 days.

What is included in the package?

Moving: qualified moving team, route and return, protective material such as stretch film & bridle blankets, fastening belts in the vehicle, transport & liability insurance

Final cleaning: Arrival & return, cleaning agents, delivery guarantee, post-cleaning

You can tick/specify additional services in the online request, which can then be booked as additional options such as: packing service, moving boxes, carpet shampooing, etc.

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