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The preparation of the move takes a lot of time, leave the final cleaning to our partners so you can save time. The final cleaning with delivery guarantee.

Our online enquiry form is tailored to the services and contains all the necessary questions so that we can make you a suitable offer. Your online request will be reviewed internally by our specialist after submitting it. When we have all the necessary information you will soon receive up to 5 offers from companies in your area directly on your created personal Zebralo profile. The Zebralo team will contact you directly if you have any doubts or need further information.

If you have received and compared all offers and additionally want a visit, the desired company will also visit you on site to make an impression.

After a visit, the request is updated so that all companies are aware of any changes. After that, you will receive the updates of the offers directly on your created profile. If you would like a moving service or if you have something to dispose of, you can book it with a new request.

We at Zebralo are your contact person for:

  • Questions relating to the offers received
  • Amendments to the request
  • Changes to the received offers
  • General cleaning matters

You can choose between the following services:

-Final cleaning/removal cleaning with acceptance guarantee
- House cleaning
- Basic cleaning
- Building cleaning
- Office cleaning
- regular cleaning

We offer companies with professional cleaning services. Rely on the professional use of experienced staff.

An order needs to be well planned we at Zebralo are at your side for questions about the selection of the right company for you. If you would like advice from our experts, we will be happy to help you. With us you save time and receive all information from a single source. We advise you free of charge and without obligation. We plan together with you from the input of the request to the implementation by our selected partners.

If a company suits you, you can book it directly via your profile online. If you are still unsure then read the reviews of the companies or contact us from Zebralo we will help and advise you in choosing the right company. When booking, you have a choice of different payment options.

You can choose from:

  • CASH directly to the moving company on site after the order
  • CREDIT CARD Master/Visa when booking online
  • INVOICE when booking online, with our payment partner
  • TWINT when booking online
  • PostFinance when booking online

After booking you will be contacted directly by the selected company within 24 hours (except weekends). The selected cleaning company will inform you about the further procedure. Any changes, such as the cleaning or delivery date, can be reported directly to the company. However, we at Zebralo are your contact person at all times.

Important information can also be found in our  checklist

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